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Bringing rapid, experienced thinking to design sprints

A fast-track programme for organisations that are short on time or budget, but have a wealth of ideas

Hmm… nice idea, but how does it work?

We’ll work with your team to lead them through a design sprint over the course of one week. We’ll share tried-and-tested techniques to ensure you get the maximum value from this minimal investment of time.

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“I can’t recommend this kind of research sprint enough. We got a report, detailed technical validation of an idea, mock ups and a plan for how to proceed, while getting staff and stakeholders involved in the project – all in the space of 5 days.”
Leon Paternoster, Suffolk Libraries
  1. 1


    We start by reviewing all the background information and gathering user insights. By the end of the day, we will all have a shared understanding of the problem to be solved.

    • Get immersed in the problem space
    • Understand the user’s needs
    • Define the problem
    • Get inspired to create a solution
  2. 2


    This is when we brainstorm what might be possible. There will be sketching—lots of sketching!

    • Mind maps
    • Storyboards
    • 6-up sketches
  3. 3


    Next, we discuss and rank the possible solutions, and pick one of them. This is when the group really starts to rally around a shared goal.

    • Collaboratively sketch
    • Collaboratively critique
    • Dot voting
    • Wireframe a prototype
  4. 4


    Together we create a minimal viable product. The pressure is really on now, but at this point, the team is feeling invincible.

    • Build!
    • Build!
    • Build!
  5. 5


    Finally, we test what we’ve built and find out what works for users. Then we take stock of just how much we managed to pack into just five days.

    • Test with users
    • Adjust the prototype
    • Test again
    • Recap

Sounds great, can I book one now?

Yes - in the first instance, please drop an email to to tell us about your project. Andy will then be back in touch to discuss next steps.

Wait! I still have questions…

OK, here’s a few more things we think you might want to know. If do you have any other questions, please email us at